Vaughn Honigman

HR Consultant

After running a successful retail business for many years, Vaughn joined HR inTune as a consultant 10 years ago. She has a loyal following of clients. She is an expert in multiple payroll systems and has a keen attention to detail that ensures her projects are done accurately and on time. She has managed payroll and other human resource transactions for many clients including:The City of Ocean City N.J, DecisionOne, Rittenhouse Books, Seton, Assero and many others. Vaughn is a graduate of Penn State and resides in Bryn Mawr with her husband Jamie. They have two daughters.

Where did you grow up? Grew up in Wayne,PA
Favorite place to visit? Love travelling with my husband and daughters abroad, one of our favorite trips was along the Amalfi coast.
First thing you do when you get home? At the end of the day, I like to cook, garden or play golf depending upon the time of year.
Where is your favorite place to eat? My favorite place I ever ate was in Positano, Italy. My family and I took a cooking class in a beautiful setting looking out on the sea and the meal we prepared was fabulous.