Managing all aspects of your Human Resources experience

Hiring, onboarding and tracking your employees efficiently is crucial to achieving your business goals and objectives. As a human resources professional, you have the important responsibility to oversee many aspects of the administration of your people and business. At Alera Group, we combine innovative technology with the skills of our expert team members to reduce the growing administrative burden faced by many businesses.

We focus on finding you the tools and technology to help you manage all aspects of the HR experience. We’re committed to finding solutions for each aspect — including timekeeping, benefits administration and payroll processing — in order to position you for success and growth.

We are committed to helping HR leaders succeed by providing a unique mix of industry expertise, comprehensive human capital management solutions, and top-notch support and services.


Alera Group can meet all of your organization’s Human Resource needs. We will help you get the most out of your policies and practices. Our expertise and proven processes enable you to tie your HR practices into the success of your organization.

Organizations like yours may need a professional human resources consultant for a variety of reasons:

  • Human Resources departments are rarely, if ever, adequately staffed. In-house HR professionals are being asked to do much more with less and simply do not have the time or resources to get everything done.
  • There is no one in-house with the HR knowledge and expertise needed to help the company function effectively, strategically and legally.
  •  It is sometimes more beneficial and effective to retain an independent, neutral third party professional to provide certain services to the organization, such as conducting an investigation, delivering leadership training or facilitating strategic planning.

In situations like these, Alera Group is here to provide you with the human resources support you need to achieve the results you desire.

Alera Group provides a wide array of innovative, cost-effective HR consulting services for non-profit and for-profit organizations of all types and sizes. Services include the following:

  •        Human Resources Assessments
  •        Handbook and Policy Development, Review and/or Revision
  •        Job Descriptions
  •        Performance Management
  •        Compensation Planning and Management
  •        Talent Acquisition
  •        Investigations
  •        Employment Law and Health Benefits Compliance

Human Resource Functional Tune Up

After working with dozens of organizations of all types and sizes, it has become clear to us that high performing human resource functions enable high performing organizations.

Alera Group Philadelphia’s Human Resource Tune Up helps organizations optimize their human resource function so they can:

  • Optimize their HR expenditures
  • Fully comply with all HR laws and regulations
  • Recruit the talent they need
  • Manage all HR risk
  • Elegantly matriculate, train and orientate employees

Compensation/Total Rewards Alignment

This process helps organizations achieve their organizational objectives, goals and vision by ensuring that compensation, benefits, retirement, and perquisite programs are motivating the necessary actions and behaviors. This includes:

  • The creation and implementation of a philosophy upon which all subsequent actions can be based.
  • Benchmarking of the competitive market.
  • Development of recommendations for programs that will encourage the right actions and behaviors including but not limited to:
    • incentive pay
    • sales compensation
    • team incentives
    • base salary, merit pay programs
    • stock options
    • restricted stock
    • phantom stock
    • deferred compensation
    • benefits offerings
    • recognition programs
  • Full action planning and financial modeling for all recommendations.

Technology Needs Analysis and Implementation Support

Alera Group is convinced that the most effective way to begin optimizing a human resource function is to ensure that HR transactions (payroll, benefits enrollment, employee changes, salary administration, COBRA, etc) are managed with a reliable and repeatable process.

For most clients, this means automation using a software platform. Alera Group Philadelphia engages with clients in an objective way to:

  • Analyze their expectations and needs.
  • Select the best solutions.
  • Negotiate with vendors to get the best price and most advantageous service level agreements (SLA’s).
  • Engage as the client advocate/project management on the implementation of the solution.

Customized Leadership Training

Alera Group develops customized trainings including:

  •   Coaching and Performance Management
  •   Effective Interviewing
  •   Harassment-Free Workplace
  •   Embracing Diversity
  •   Effective Communication
  •   Human Resource Compliance for Managers

HR Functional/Sub-Functional Outsourcing

An increasing number of organizations are considering outsourcing all or part of their HR function. We have a flexible array of service delivery model models that are focused upon effectively managing the HR function or subfunctions  in an effective, compliant and cost effective manner. These engagements can take many forms including:

Alera Group’s “Harmony” Suite of Services

Our Harmony Suite of HR services is designed to give clients comprehensive HR services including:

  • expert HR strategic consultation
  • accountability for HR compliance with all federal state and local laws and regulations
  • Employee/Supervisory Call Centers where our HR experts respond to, manage and track to resolution all employee relations issues and mitigate the associated HR risk to the client
  • Transactional service such as payroll and benefits administration.
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Leadership Training
  • Creation and maintenance of all HR policies, employee handbooks and other employee communications
  • Compensation /Benefits and Retirement strategy and planning

Our clients can select the Harmony Suite services that best suit their needs or utilize the entire suite.