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Recording: Taking Virtual Open Enrollment to the Next Level

Open Enrollment Communications can be complex in the best of times, but what do you do when the times involve a global pandemic? 

The answer: Meet employees where they are—which, based on research, is either working remotely or wishing they were—using an all-virtual communications approach. But what exactly is that? How can you do it right? And, as importantly, will your employees go for it? 

Watch out on-demand webinar here. 


Tuesday, September 1, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

About the Speakers

  • Jennifer Bundy-Cobb

    Health & Welfare Services Director

    I help employers manage the finances and operations of their employee benefits programs. As the Director of Employee Benefits, it’s my job to ensure businesses are getting the maximum value when they invest in their workforces. I direct my team to assess each client individually, and develop an action plan that gives each business control over its employee benefit and human resource programs.
  • Jill Sherer-Murray

    Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker

    Are you stuck? If so, I can help. I providing coaching, consulting, and speaking services that help: 1) individuals let go of what’s standing between them and what they want most in love, business, work, health, mindset or more; and, 2) business leaders let go for better awareness, sales, engagement, change, action, participation, to culture. Whatever your goal, my simple process using proven strategies will get you there. My clients consistently tell me I'm a quick study, easy to work with, skilled at moving projects forward inside of multi-layered organizations, creative, insightful, and effective. And, that my solutions make a difference for them.
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